Why You Should Not Cut-Up All Your Credit Cards

Every month, we receive our credit card statements via email or post. Every month, some will open the statements immediately, and some will either tear them up and get rid of them or leave them in the far reaches of the room,invisible to the naked eye.This age-old problem is the one we find ourselves struggling […]

Removing Collections from Credit Reports

Debtsin collections are a common form of debt in the United States. About thirty-five percent of people have a type of debt in collections. But what is a collection, and why should you remove it? Is it important? Having a debt in collections can seriously harm your credit score and report. Avoiding your late payments and debt […]

Ways to Handle Your Finances if You Lose Your Job

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As of May 2020, there were an estimated 21 million people who were unemployed. While this was a result of the pandemic, that doesn’t take away the stress that you feel when you are in this situation. During the first quarter of 2020, the estimated household debt for Americans hit $14.3 trillion. These are scary numbers to some […]

Repairing Credit the Legal Way Using Credit Repair Services NJ

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Credit repair is an option to consider when looking for help with poor credit ratings. But before working with credit repair services NJ that promise to get your credit back on track, it is important to do a background check on the company to determine whether it is operating within the law or not.The first […]